Better Than I Remember – VIDDY

Better Than I Remember - VIDDY


Ryan Butler and Brittlestar are teaming up with VIDDY ( to create a supercool music video for the Brittlestar song ‘Better Than I Remember’ and we want YOU to be the star.

The entire music video is going to be made from VIDDY videos only, so get VIDDY for your iPhone and start filming!

Here are the instructions:

  1. Film yourself and your friends/family doing one of the following things
    – laughing
    – dancing
    – kissing
    – hugging

    You can be doing any of those things anywhere but here are some suggestions
    – in a car
    – at a wedding
    – at a birthday party
    – at school
    – at a dance
    – at the beach
    – camping

  2. Upload your video using the VIDDY app on your iPhone and (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) include the following hashtag:#bstar


Ryan and Brittlestar will choose from the videos uploaded and uses the best ones to create the music video for ‘Better Than I Remember’.  So make them AWESOME!

Here’s the lyrics video for the song:

Here’s the iTunes link to buy the song:


FOLLOW Brittlestar (brittlestar) and Ryan Butler (RBVK) on VIDDY!

NOTE – Not all videos will necessarily end up in the music video but we’ll try to use as many as we can.  All videos uploaded with the hashtag #bstar will be considered granted for non-exclusive use in the music video and any future promotional purpose at the discretion of Brittlestar.

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