‘The Christmas Message’

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‘The Christmas Message’ by Brittlestar
words and music by Stewart JW Reynolds 

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The Christmas Message

So, it’s Christmas time once again
the shops are busy
the bars are full
friends are back in town
family is coming over
presents are being bought
food is being shared
drink is being drunk
credit cards are maxed out

But what does it all mean?

Some people celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday
and that’s okay by me
whatever makes people act like better people is okay by me
if Christmas is a religious time for you and that means you smile more, laugh more, help more, give more… that’s okay by me
For some people, Christmas is all about Santa Claus
a big man with a big belly and a beard and dressed entirely in red velvet
and he gives you things but only if you’re good
this is exactly the kind of man your parents told you to stay away from
but on one night of the year he’s allowed to come into our homes
and he leaves presents
and we give him cookies and milk
but you have to believe
and that’s okay by me

Now, here’s the thing
regardless of what you believe
it doesn’t matter if this Christmas you’re going to be getting down to pray
or just getting down on the dancefloor
if you’ve got lots of stuff already…
and there’s a roof over your head
and there are no bombs blowing up on your street
and tonight, when you go home, there will be food on your table
and you know at least one person who loves you… yes, your mom counts
it’s basically Christmas everyday for you

This Christmas, take that feeling
that warmth
and spread it around
Hug an old friend…
for at least 30 seconds
tell your dad you love him
(he might act like he doesn’t like when you say that kind of thins but he secretly loves it)
buy the next round of drinks
buy a drink for that guy at the end of the bar who looks like he’s waiting for someone you know is never going to show up
drop a twenty in the charity bucket
because, hey…
it’s Christmas